People Are Pissed About This University Nightclub Event Where DJ Told Crowd ‘Cheer If You Want To F*ck This Girl’

During a University of Hull, East Yorks Student Union event hosted at Asylum nightclub in the UK several students chose to partake in a competition in which the winner would receive a free vacation to Croatia. While the night began innocently enough with simple challenges like “who can eat the most crackers,” once free drinks began to flow “celebrity” guest DJ Lee Watson (a reality television star from the UK) began egging on the competitors as well as the crowd to act in increasingly sexual ways. According to Mirror,

The student audience, egged on by guest DJ Lee Watson, were encouraged to chant “slag” at a woman taking part – the name calling appearing to leave her visibly upset.

Lee, who was described by one student as “misogynistic” and used to appear on the ITV show Club Reps, said: “Cheer if you want to f*** this girl. She’s keen, form a queue. I’m first.”

The second round of competition reportedly had Lee encouraging the women to remove their bras, followed by a “musical statues challenge” where students were “asked to get into pairs and dance together, jumping into sex positions when the music stopped.”

According to Mirror, a spokeswoman for the Student Union stated:

“We recognise some of the games played at the Tower event were inappropriate.

“We are committed to Hull University Union continuing to be an inclusive, welcoming and accepting space and we would like to apologise to anyone who was offended.

“It is important to us that our members have a great time in our venues and we have already taken steps to ensure future bookings plan their acts in accordance with our values and policies.”

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