U of Arizona Student Publishes Ill-Informed Ideas About Sexual Assault In School Newspaper, Gets Blasted On Twitter


U of A

University of Arizona senior Rob Monteleone published an article in the Arizona Wildcat this week and, let’s just say, it’s not being received too well.

That’s because “Only responsibility can stop rape” doesn’t exactly address where responsibility for sexual assault actually lies.

Let’s let his own words do the talking.

College is full of being vulnerable around strangers. When stated like that, it seems like something you’d want to avoid, no?

Only 6.6 percent of women who smoke will develop lung cancer. A woman who smokes is more than three times as likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to develop lung cancer. We turn our noses up at smokers and just made our campus tobacco-free. Yet, nothing is done about sexual assault, short of blaming the “attacker,” a guy who was likely as drunk as his “victim.”

Well, the concept of ‘blame the attacker’ is kind of the basis of modern systems of justice, in which the victim (also known as the person who didn’t commit the crime) is considered to be the person who didn’t commit the crime.

If it stopped there, maybe. Maybe, but Monteleone adds this line.

If drunk women who have sex are able to claim “rape,” why aren’t drunk men alleviated of responsibility for the poor decisions they make?

I don’t know, dude. You make a point, albeit a terrible one. If everyone could just get liquored up and commit all the crime they want, the world would probably be a better place.

Backlash has been, let’s say, strong.



Hopefully he will learn from this.

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