University Of Florida Fan Puts Up Craigslist Post Seeking Women To Entrap FSU Football Players

A Tallahassee Craigslist listing has been making the rounds this morning and I wanted to share it with you bros before Craigslist inevitably takes it down. Why is Craigslist going to take this listing down in the very near future? Well, because this post written by a Florida Gators fan is seeking to hire women in Tallahassee to entrap FSU football players, and it’s making unfathomably insensitive jokes about assault and battery. And listen, I get that this was a really awful and extremely distasteful attempt at satire, but that doesn’t mean that some UF fan didn’t take the time out of her/his day to put this CL posting out there in the world thinking this was actually going to be perceived as humor. Here’s the Craigslist post that went up 22 hours ago and was written by someone in Gainesville:

If that image is too small for you to read, here’s the text:

Wanted: Part Time Female Entrapment Agents to target and entrap Floride State football players… Must be able to take beating by a guy twice your size and be willing to speak to the media the next day (assuming your jaw isn’t broken).
Light skinned girls are most welcome becuase it will show the bruising better on camera.
Please save your receipts from the bar and you will be reimbursed. Willie Meggs will collect from a certain J Foley and you will paid for your time. Additional pay may be available if you sue and win your case against the school and the player…. Please call 1-800- GoGators to sign up

PS: we are also looking for some guys to entrap some of the male gymnasts

As of now this post is still up and you can find it here.

This joke post “seeking” women to get beat up by FSU football players is obviously intended as some sort of sick joke by UF fans intending to make light of recent charges brought against FSU football players. Last week FSU running back Dalvin Cook was charged with battery, he and his attorney are denying it and fighting those charges. Prior to that, FSU recruit De’Andre Johnson (who had never played a down for the FSU football team) was dismissed from the team immediately after it emerged that he had punched a woman at a bar. So it’s not like criticisms of violence by the FSU football team aren’t valid right now, because they are.

I simply cannot begin to fathom, satire or not, how someone thought it was a good idea to make jokes about a women being assaulted by men. I’m not going to judge every Gator based on one ridiculously insensitive Craigslist posting, just like some Gators don’t judge all of FSU by the actions of a few football players. I’m simply here to say that satire like this has no place in the world, and is as classless as it gets. There are victims in these cases, these are ongoing investigations. This was an awful attempt at humor and whoever wrote this should be very, very ashamed of themselves.

Also, keep in mind that the University of Florida leads all colleges in athlete crimes over the past 15 years, so the Florida Gators might want to take notice of that glass house they’re living in.

Tip of the hat to my boy Lucas for sending this my way!