Would You Have Suspended This University Of South Carolina Student Over This Snapchat With A Racial Slur In It?

Campus WiFi can really suck. Sometimes your computer is just an outdated piece of shit that can’t maintain a connection, sometimes you’re an idiot who can’t remember your WiFi password in the first place and sometimes it’s simply because of “ratchets,” “PARKING” and…

Oh wait. None of those reasons make any sense.

But don’t tell that to the University of South Carolina student in this now-viral Snapchat photo who’s listing out why USC WiFi sucks, with the top reason being a blurred-out N-bomb.

Yep, that’s why whenever I need a good Internet connection I go plant my ass down in a Starbucks and soak up all that premium white girl WiFi that hasn’t been tarnished by “ratchets.” I also wear a pair of UGG boots for good luck, because there’s nothing worse than watching a show on Hulu and having to start over from the beginning because a fucking advertisement for some product I’ll never buy wouldn’t load.

While the student has not been named because ruining lives isn’t (always) fun, USC has suspended her and she reportedly faces expulsion. According to university president Harris Pastides,

“The unfortunate and disappointing act of a student in a study room has challenged the Carolina community to reflect on our values and tell the world what we believe,” Pastides said in a statement. “Respect for all is at the heart of the Carolinian Creed, the code by which we agree to abide. Racist and uncivil rhetoric have no place at the University of South Carolina.” (Via)

The student shown in the photo has reportedly declined public comment as of yet.

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