Tailgating Chicks From USF Take Shots At The Ex-Wife Of FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher And Her Rumored Infidelity

Last Saturday the University of South Florida (USF) Bulls hosted the Florida State Seminoles (FSU) in the ‘Palindrome Bowl’ (USF-FSU), where the ‘Noles went on to destroy the Bulls 55-35, and Heisman-hopeful Dalvin Cook put up a record-setting 267 yards in the game.

Prior to the game, USF fans had high hopes of beating the Seminoles after the ‘Noles got completely dismantled and embarrassed the prior week by Louisville, as we now know the Bulls got their asses handed to them but that didn’t stop some tailgating USF fans from taking shots at Candi Fisher, FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher’s now ex-wife (via Joe @ Busted Coverage):

The story here is that Candi Fisher and Jimbo Fisher are now divorced. Details surrounding the couple’s split still remain very murky but at the time of the split there were rumors Candi Fisher was caught having an affair with a former Florida Gators Wide Receiver turned personal trainer in Tallahassee.

I’d say that making jokes about a man’s family unraveling for the sake of college football shows that USF fans are classless/sour losers, but they threw this banner up before the game and hadn’t even lost yet, so it’s proof that they’re just straight up trash. Not all of them, just the ones who thought that it was a good idea to fly this banner before the game.

Take shots at the ‘Noles all you want but don’t bring the head coach’s family into it, that’s crossing the line.

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