Move Over, Snapchat: College Kids Are Using An App Called ‘Yeti: Campus Stories’ For Pics Of Sex, Drugs, And Partying

If there’s one thing college kids love more than sex and partying, it’s making college Snapchats where they share their sex and partying. The controversial college life Snapchat accounts associated with Arizona State, Maryland, and Colorado State have garnered significant media attention over the last few weeks before inevitably being shut down by Snapchat for violation of terms and service. Since every college-age kid has a smartphone these days, nearly every school has a similar account. As The Daily Dot notes, Snapchat can just play whack-a-mole with closing one before a new one springs up.

There’s a new pic-sharing app on the block for these highly controversial college pics. It’s called YETI — Campus Stories. It falls on our radar from our friends at The Daily Dot, who discovered it via the controversial Auburn University snapchat account auburn.snap. It’s basically pic-after-pic of college party shenanigans, including drug use, drinking, sex, etc. All the usual suspects make an appearance: white powders, bongs, Solo Cups. You get the picture. The same old tune as things like the shuttered ECU Campus Stories, just on a dedicated app presumably named after the world’s most fratty cooler company.

My guess is that the app will be either (a. removed from the App store or (b. shut down from pressure of universities, etc. pretty quick.

In the meantime, here are some of the schools on the app:

Here are the type of things people are sharing, all via The Daily Dot. Shut down in 5… 4… 3… 2…



Holy crap. Why can’t you people just have your fun and not make it a digital polaroid memory that lives on forever? 

It seems like YETI is almost encouraging it, which is something Snapchat hasn’t done since the days Evan Spigel was e-mailing BroBible. YETI is pretty shameless about the pics on Twitter, too:


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