These Are The 16 Best New Restaurants In America


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” -George Bernard Shaw, Me after ripping a weed pen

You know how you know when you’re really growing up? When an outlandish bar tab makes you feel more shame than an outlandish dinner tab. I’m straddling that line, and every now and then like to treat my lady to a nice feed (as long as she sticks to water and the kid’s menu).

The folks over at EATER have scoured the country to determine a list of the 16 Best New Restaurants in America. The winning eateries consist of all different cuisines, at varying budgets, from all corners of these fine United States. Check them out below!

Long Island City, New York

What: A Queens restaurant that’s helping to abolish the long-running joke that the best Indian food in New York City is actually in New Jersey.

New York, New York

What: A new pinnacle of Korean fine dining where food and design work together to deliver a whimsical lesson in the country’s cuisine.

Newport, Kentucky

What: A homey daytime cafe from a husband-and-wife team offering rustic American dishes that capitalize on top-tier bread baking.

Washington D.C.

What: The self-described “Jew-ish” deli that ended D.C.’s much-kvetched-about bagel drought.

Portland, Oregon

What: An eco-conscious seafood restaurant whose tasting menu reveals the potential of the abundant fish and shellfish we aren’t eating — yet.

Boston, Massachusetts

What: A bustling enoteca in South Boston that draws inspiration from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region.

Houston, Texas

What: A tasting-menu destination in Houston that explicitly tackles themes of racism and oppression.

San Antonio, Texas

What: A walk-up window serving Jamaican favorites, best enjoyed at the communal picnic tables on the shady patio.

Dallas, Texas

What: A detail-oriented, modern Laotian restaurant steeped in tradition.

New York, New York

What: An energetic yet personal Malaysian all-day cafe that’s an antidote to the boring, scalable restaurants proliferating across New York (and other high-cost cities).

Detroit, Michigan

What: A neighborhood butcher shop by day and a vibrant restaurant by night.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What: A BYOB dinner spot in Philly that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Los Angeles, California

What: A chic ode to the craveable flavors of Asian and American mashups.

TACOS 1986
Los Angeles, California

What: The taco stand that took LA by storm, combining Tijuana-style carne asada and more than a touch of LA branding and bravado.

San Francisco, California

What: A dreamy approximation of a European wine bar that brings together natural wine, tinned fish, and a menu of well-executed staple dishes.

Chicago, Illinois

What: A thoroughly Chicago restaurant with a multicultural approach to Southern cuisine.


Try them before Keanu Reeves is spotted dining at them and reservations get booked until 2085.

Head over to EATER for in-depth reviews on each restaurant.


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