The 200 Worst Passwords of 2021 Have Been Revealed And It’s No Wonder So Many People Get Hacked

200 Worst Passwords of 2021 Have Been Revealed And Theyre Terrible


  • The top 200 most common passwords according to the 2021 research have been revealed and it’s little wonder so many people are getting hacked.
  • The list, compiled by NordPass Research Insights, details how many times a certain password was used and how long it would take to crack it.
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According to cybersecurity company Norton, there are around 2,200 cyberattacks per day.

Additionally, 53% of adults admit they don’t know how to protect themselves from cybercrime, and more than three in five consumers say they accept certain risks to their online privacy to make their life more convenient.

Both of those last two statistics are glaringly obvious in the NordPass list of the 200 most popular (AKA worst) passwords for 2021.

The annual list highlights just how bad people are at using passwords to protect their personal information.

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This, unfortunately, is nothing new. People have been using terrible passwords at an alarming rate for years.

Almost all of the same bad passwords that were being used in 2017 and again in 2019 are still at the top of 2021’s list.

The top 25 most used passwords for 2021 are…

1. 123456
2. 123456789
3. 12345
4. qwerty
5. password
6. 12345678
7. 111111
8. 123123
9. 1234567890
10. 1234567
11. qwerty123
12. 000000
13. 1q2w3e
14. aa12345678
15. abc123
16. password1
17. 1234
18. qwertyuiop
19. 123321
20. password123
21. 1q2w3e4r5t
22. iloveyou
23. 654321
24. 666666
25. 987654321

Seriously, people?

According to NordPass, each and every one of those passwords would take a hacker less than one second to crack. In fact, you have to go all the way down to the 53rd most popular password, myspace1, to find one that would take longer. Also, out of all 200 passwords, the longest it would take a hacker to figure one of them out is 17 minutes.

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Other fun facts shared by NordPass…

• A stunning number of people love using their own name as a password.
• Ferrari and Porsche are the most popular car brands when it comes to bad passwords.
• This year, dolphin ranked number one among animal-related passwords in many countries.
• In the US, more women (222,287) used “iloveyou” than men (96,785).
• Liverpool is the most popular sports team in the world to be used as a password.
• Hockey is Canada’s top sports-related password.

“Unfortunately, passwords keep getting weaker, and people still don’t maintain proper password hygiene,” said NordPass CEO Jonas Karklys.
“It’s important to understand that passwords are the gateway to our digital lives, and with us spending more and more time online, it’s becoming enormously important to take better care of our cybersecurity.”