How Many Tide Pods Can A .22 Long Rifle Fire Through In One Shot? Let’s Find Out

Tide Pods vs Long Rifle


Tide Pods are all the rage. Idiot teens are out there butt chugging, vaping, and eating them. Well, they’re doing two of those three things (that we know about). They’re so en vogue that they’re locking them up at Walgreens and CVS. You need a manager to unlock the safe in order to purchase the delicious looking yet poisonous-if-ingested Tide Pods.

What do we really know about Tide Pods other than the obvious: (1) they look delicious but they’re poisonous if eaten and (2) they clean your clothes. How many of you out there have ever broken open a Tide Pod to see how strong it is? Furthermore, how many of you have ever fired a bullet through a line of Tide Pods to see how dense they are?

Well, we’re about to find out how thick these cushy laundry pods are thanks to the 22plinkster YouTube channel. For this experiment, he busts out the trusty .22 Long Rifle, a very similar model to the ones I used to teach campers to fire back when I was a riflery instructor at Camp Rockmont in N.C…So, how many pods do you think the .22 Long Rifle will make it through? Let’s find out:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect the .22 long rifle to fire through nearly as many laundry pods as it did. I was thinking about that episode of MythBusters where they showed that water pretty much stops bullets within a foot or two. Given that Tide Pods are mostly liquid and they have an outer membrane I thought the bullet would be stopped within about 12 inches, but I was wrong.

(h/t Outdoor Hub)