Celebrate What Makes Your Dad Unique With A 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit – Get $50 Off Now Through June 17!

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered why you are the way you are. Why is your hair that color? Why does your nose look that way? What’s the reason for all the freckles on your face? It’s interesting to imagine how your past shaped you, and, with 23andMe, we can all have a little insight into what makes us unique.

While getting yourself a 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit is an awesome way for you to find out more about your ancestry, it’s even better to share this experience with someone else — and why not make that someone else your dad, discovering more about yourselves together on Father’s Day?


To help make the decision easier, you can get a 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit for $50 off through June 17th. Repeat: For $50 less than you normally would spend on a kit, your Father’s Day gift can be something meaningful, while being fun, too, as you and your pops find out more about what makes both of you so unique.

With 23andMe, you and your dad can see what shared genetic similarities and differences you both have, with the service offering over 125 personalized genetic reports on health, traits and more. Plus, it’s easy to use, allowing you to get reports fast and in the comfort of your own home.


For those who aren’t quite sure why you are the way you are, 23andMe will help shed some light. By exploring your DNA from over 1,000 regions around the world, to going really in-depth by seeing how genetics could influence your and your dad’s well-being and lifestyle choices, including reports such as genetic weight, caffeine consumption and sleep quality, 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service could even help you both make informed decisions about health.

Give a gift that you and your pops can share together this Father’s Day. You may still not know why you can’t stand your siblings, but at least 23andMe can help you learn more about a bunch of other cool stuff you and your dad share.

Get a 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit for $50 off through June 17th


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