5 Essentials You Should Budget For Every Music Festival

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There’s nothing quite like going to a music festival, especially when you’ve got a group of buddies to soak it all in with. It gives us a chance to cut loose, partake in a little extracurricular activities that we otherwise might not, and just escape the craziness of work and the daily grind. While getting down to some tunes is always a good time, it can be frustrating when we lose connection with our friends, causing a mini panic attack because we’re in a sea of people.

When it comes to solving this problem, there’s a simple solution, SIMPLE Mobile, a prepaid wireless service that keeps you connected to your friends on the lightning-fast 4G LTE** network — all for cheap, too. at $25 a month, SIMPLE Mobile has no-contract plans that offer unlimited talk & text, plus generous amounts of high-speed data, all with no mystery fees or overage charges.

Look, you’ve already got enough to worry about — and pay for — when prepping for a music festival. From getting tickets to figuring out logistics to loading up on snacks and water, when all is said and done, you can find your bank account pretty drained. But don’t let that be a damper on the whole experience.

To help eliminate the anxiety and costs that come with planning an epic music festival experience, SIMPLE Mobile wants to make it easy on you, offering affordable service for cheap in order to keep you connected with friends. And, because having a fast, connected network is just one major thing to have while at music festival, there are a few other pieces that you might want to remember. So take a look at some of the essentials we think you should have before heading off for a weekend of fun.

Waterproof Everything

The last thing you want to have during a music festival is damp anything. That’s why it’s crucial to bring waterproof gear to deal with any unexpected elements, flying beer bottles or anything else that might come your way.

Lots And Lots Of Water

Hydration is key at a music festival, so make sure you pack a reusable water bottle and hit up the water stations often. A little extra recovery might help, too, so grab some sports drinks to get electrolytes in your system after a long night of dancing yourself silly.


Having a tan is great, but being burnt is not. That’s why you should carry a travel-sized tube of sunscreen with you at every music festival you show up to. Apply, re-apply, and make sure you’re protected from those damn UV rays.

A Network That Won’t Let You Down

This is where SIMPLE Mobile comes in, because it gives you access to a lightning-fast 4G LTE** network, meaning you can stay connected with friends and post things to social media much more conveniently than everyone else.

Something Soft To Sleep On

For those overnight music festivals out in the sticks, being comfortable during the night will come in handy. So bring a tent, a body pillow to wrap yourself around and a sleeping bag and, of course, don’t forget to bring a sleeping mat to protect yourself from the hard ground.

Gone are the days of wondering how you’re going to find your way back to your buddies because everyone’s on their phones, disrupting connections left and right. By switching to SIMPLE Mobile, your life will be much easier— and you won’t break the bank.

Whether it’s staying connected at a music festival or somewhere else, you deserve to ditch the unnerving feeling of being stranded somewhere because of a bad network, while overpaying for a service that lets you down.

See Terms and Conditions of Service at SimpleMobile.com. 1 month = 30 days. **Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary.

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