Here Are 5 Things You Should Ask At Hotel Check-In To Get Upgrades And Freebies

How much in your life have you acquired simply by asking? You would have never met your significant other if you didn’t have the stones to ask to buy her a drink. Or how about that promotion? Odds are colleagues aren’t actively looking out for your best interest. But, you can’t get the answers if you don’t know the questions.

And while I can’t help you get the girl or the raise, hopefully I can provide you with some information to maximize your next hotel stay.

The travel experts at have shared some tips and tricks to help you save some cash and scoop some upgrades and freebies. A couple of these tips may require you to go outside your comfort zone, but that’s a small price to pay for a little

1. Check-In As Late As You Possibly Can

“If you check in late, then there is a chance that the hotel might have run out of standard rooms, which is generally the room category the everyday traveler books, so an upgrade to a higher room category could be on the cards.”

2. Be An Asshole And Tell Them The Hotel Is Under Your Surveillance

“Guest reviews and social media exposure are so important to hotels these days. At check-in tell them you’ll be writing a review and that you follow them on Instagram and will be tagging and snapping the hotel at every opportunity.”

Sometimes you gotta be that guy.

3. Don’t Miss Out On A Free Or Discounted Meal

“If your room package doesn’t include breakfast, always ask at check in if there are any special deals for the on-site restaurant, especially for breakfast. You could land yourself large discounts on food, an invite to guests-only happy hours, or special 2-for-1 deals.”


4. Ride The Free Train To The Last Stop

“Hotel freebies have had a serious upgrade over the past few years. Forget soap in the shower; you can often enjoy designer toiletries, including body lotion, face masks, and beauty utensils.

“Other items to watch out for are exotic teas and snacks, slippers, high-end magazines, stationery, and some hotels even have items for day usage such as portable WiFi units, umbrellas, and bikes.”


5. Find The Secret Pillow Menus.

“A menu in your room might not just be for room service or laundry. Many hotels these days want to offer travelers the luxuries of home, so pillow menus are the new norm.”

“If you are prone to neck and back pains, ask about pillow options. The front desk usually has a huge selection from super firm to melty marshmallow.”

There you have it, bros. Oh, before I sign off here: I once was put in a room with a mirror on the ceiling. Do not recommend. It’s super depressing to watch yourself crying while masturbating.

[h/t,  Business Insider]


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