50 Best Memes And Tweets To See Today

50 funniest Wednesday memes

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This roundup of the funniest memes and must-see viral tweets brings all of the Internet’s funniest moments into one pic dump to enjoy.

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True story: I once walked into the same sliding glass door 3x in one night on Spring Break in Mexico. It was bad.

50 Best Memes And Tweets To See Today

Dick Warlock actually has a crazy impressive resume. He was a stuntman in 213 Hollywood films.

It is kinda fun how it goes down like this though:

Asking for a friend…

This is like 50% of suggested tweets and Instagram Reels. And they wonder why people like TikTok…

Same, tbh.

Been laughing at this for hours…

I am speed.

The truth hurts.

‘we saw you from across the bar’

Can’t hurt to try though.


Got a lot I need to be doing but nah, I’ll throw together another meme roundup.

It just hits different:


I’d like to solve the puzzle:

Make it happen:

Tequila in a nutshell.

Make it make sense:


Life hack (do not attempt).

Tasty too. So tasty.

This is all legit but there’s also the responsibility to have to get up at least once during the flight so the others can too.

Where are all the baby pigeons in NYC though? I lived there for a decade and never saw one.

Sometimes you just need a high ABV punch, not flavor.


Whoever made this deserves an award.

King of hungry now, tbh.

You know who you are:

Those Winter reflection colors are amazing:

Semantics matter.


Just looking at these givs me anxiety.

A typical day fishing in Costa Rica:

Not every catch is a trophy, sometimes it’s just dinner:

Legit or nah?

Golf bar cocktails?

There are some good TOOL songs. A few of them. The rest though, good god.

Eyes down for the rest of the week.

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