50 Viral Tweets And Funny New Memes That Are Trending Today

This roundup of the funniest new memes and best viral tweets was curated by yours truly to encompass the latest funny content on the Internet.

Countless hours every day are spent scouring the depths of the Internet for the funniest memes and viral tweets. Each day I publish a new ‘daily pic dump‘, as some call it, of the ‘best damn photos‘ on the Internet. Usually, there are 50 photos but sometimes there are more.

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I’ll throw my name in the running. Why not?

50 Viral Tweets And Funny New Memes

Keep your eyes open and it’ll go away.

This would 100% be me if I ever won the lottery.

They’ll never notice.

The most absolute unit there ever was.


Jack’s Rolex DateJust from 30 Rock.

Gotta let them know you know.

‘And more.’

And I was the best tree ever.

The renaissance was all types of weird.

I know it’s supposed to be cannabis but all I can see are Brussels sprouts.

Who wears a Rolex in the kitchen? Apparently, Emeril Lagasse does.

My exact experience at the dentist last week.

Can’t tell him no.

Do they even make these anymore? Could you even buy and use one if you wanted or needed to?

Gotta get the family up somehow.

Been there.

Back off.

Tom Haverford was a Rolex guy, naturally.

Can we get the same screen savers we had in the 90s but updated to modern graphics?

A+ for following instructions.

Me leaving for the airport…

Guilty of it.

Dude is ready to bounce.

I wonder if Ryan kept his $20 watch from the film.

Bro, I don’t even carry ID half the time.

Jod that down.

Nailed it.

Sorry, bro, needed a wingman tonight. Guy Code says you have to oblige.

The left side makes more sense.

Jim could’ve elevated from Victorinox in The Office but it fits his character.


‘Stick it to the man,’ they say…

He is Groot.

Sherlock is one of the top 5 shows ever made. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it.

And the best uniforms in NFL history…

The snakehead is such a peculiar-looking species of fish.

Ice Man had style.

My advice was not meant for me to follow.

From the rocks!

Sly’s Panerai watches have always been top notch.

This is some TOP tier trolling.

Fresh fried Sheepshead tacos are a favorite of mine.

Did anyone anywhere at all watch every season of this show or did we all collectively give up?

Rules were made to be broken, or whatever.

Love catching redfish this size off the beach.

They still do if you request one.

Keep exclaiming.

Great, now I’m hungry.

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