The 58-Year-Old Mom May Not Have Made The 2020 SI Swimsuit Issue But A 55-Year-Old Mom Is Still In The Running

55-Year-Old Kathy Jacobs Makes Final 17 For 2020 SI Swimsuit Issue

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As we told you a couple weeks back, sadly, 58-year-old mom of two Jodi Harrison-Bauer did not make the final cut to appear in the 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She did made to the final 60, which she rightfully viewed as quite an accomplishment.

“I felt a huge accomplishment getting to the top 60,” Harrison-Bauer told the New York Post. “I’m very into manifesting and visualizing things, and I just didn’t see myself making it into the sweet 16.”

Turns out that maybe she should have, because 55-year-old Kathy Jacobs DID make into the final 16… err, 17, of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit model search.

“I am doing this to be part of a change in the views on women over 50, not only by society, but by ourselves,” said Jacobs. “It is a boomerang effect, and we as women over 50 need to stand together and realize how amazing, relevant, beautiful and sexy we all are. It’s time women of all ages unite and claim our power! Ageism impacts all of us, and women of all ages coming together and stopping it now helps prevent future generations from ever experiencing it!”

After being chosen by Sports Illustrated to participate in its annual Miami Swim Week runway show, Jacobs wrote on Instagram, “As a 5’3” tall, 55-year-old woman who has been told she is too short to be a model her whole life — and is now being told that she too old as well, my heart is filled with deep gratitude.”

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Jacobs, who has been modeling since the 1990s, has accumulated around 25,000 followers on Instagram and says about making the final 17, “It goes to show you you are never to old, short (or whatever your obstacle is at the moment) and to never give up! Ladies don’t ever let anyone (including yourself) put you in a box!!”

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