A Couple Found Over $880K Worth Of Cocaine Just Floating In The Water Off Key West

man wins car auction finds cocaine

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A couple found 25 kilos of cocaine in the Florida Keys after they washed up on shore over the weekend. The coke is estimated to be worth $884,000 and it was just sitting there on the beach in packages marked with a colorful ‘777’ logo like something you’d see in a Las Vegas slot machine.

This enormous haul of cocaine was found on the bayside of Grassy Key which is about 6 miles away from Marathon in the middle of the Florida Keys. The packages weighed in at a total of 25.26 kilos which is a massive amount of cocaine, a haul that someone somewhere is sorely missing right now.

What’s wild is this is already the second ENORMOUS drug haul found in the Florida Keys this month. An estimated $1 million worth of cocaine was found washed up on Marathon back on July 1st. Finding cocaine is a Great American pastime, it seems. This guy in Texas found 75-pounds of coke in a car he won at auction. This fisherman found $1 million worth of cocaine after he saw fish jumping. The cocaine stories are endless.

I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time sitting around and contemplating what I’d do if I ever found a massive amount of cocaine just floating in the water somewhere. There was a time in life when I had myself convinced I could get it back to shore and make a massive profit while pocketing some but that’s just a pipe dream. These stories never have a happy ending unless that blow is turned straight over to the authorities.

What’s the absolute BEST CASE scenario in not turning it over to the police? You’re suddenly forced to deal with powerful criminals who have enough money on hand from a drug empire to give you half a million dollars and now have this dar secret to lord over you?

Most likely, the cops will find you and you’re spending a long time in prison. And if the police don’t find you there’s a chance the drug runners whose coke it was to begin with will track you down somehow and that won’t end well at all.

Just turn it over to the police and accept your community award and free luncheon, that’s the only logical move when finding a ton of blow. But are you ever going to apply logic in the heated situation of finding a bushel of Colombia’s finest sitting on the beach? Will you have your wits about you at the time or will you be caught up in the moment and immediately toss it all in your trunk and phone a friend to ask what you should do and suddenly find yourself living the plot of some low-budget 90s film? Your answer will say a lot about your personality.