ABC News Gifts Woman Who Suffered Double Tragedy A Signed Umbrella In A Difficult Segment To Watch


The grief a Clover, Virginia woman is going through right now must be unspeakable.

A woman by the name of Mary lost everything she owned after a fire destroyed the home she raised her five children was destroyed by a fire Monday night. Mary also learned that on the very same day, her 69-year-old sister died in a crash just 20 minutes up the road the same night.

I certainly don’t want to trivialize what Mary and her family are going through right now, but I must call attention to this news segment with Mary and ABC 13’s George Flickinger.


A little context here:

Mary’s daughter, Kathy Long, reached out to George Flickinger saying that her mother lost this beloved possession of hers among many others. The family asked WSET for a new umbrella, and if George Flickinger could bring it.

Keep in mind, the video below is not satire or sketch comedy. It’s a respected news organization doing what they believe to be God’s work.

First off, Flickinger. Seems like a great guy. Fun, engaging, charismatic news reporter guy. Highly recommend.

That is why I’m disappointed he didn’t throw in a damn damn t-shirt or bookmark to add some meat to this morbid puff piece. You’re better than that, George. Visor, Edible Arrangements, Anything. I know network’s are struggling, but unless that umbrella’s made of pure palladium, maybe spring for a bonus keychain so you don’t look like the guy bringing an open six pack of High Life to Brad’s party.

Don’t hang your head, George. I’m a big believer in habitual small acts of kindness. Just lose the camera and deliver the weather protectant on not the nicest day of the winter.