Former Air Force Captain Describes UFO Encounter At Nuclear Missile Base

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Former United States Air Force captain and nuclear missile crew commander Robert Salas served at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana back in the 1960s.

In 1967, he claims the base, which was the location of 10 nuclear missiles, came under attack by a UFO.

Speaking on the National Geographic UK series UFOs: Investigating The Unknown this week, Salas recalls eight orange-colored lights and a oval-shaped craft appearing over the base.

“Sometime in the evening hours, I get a call from the main guard upstairs,” Salas recounted. “He tells me that there are strange lights
flying over the facility.

“They’re looking at reddish orange glowing pulsating light. It’s hovering just above the front gate.”

At one point, the guard pointed at the UFO and said, “It’s right out there hovering motionless and without sound.”

“They did think that there was a solid object within the light,” the retired Air Force captain continued. “Sort of oval shaped. I kind of dismissed it. I even said, ‘you mean like UFOs’ and kind of laughed. And he said, ‘well they’re not airplanes, sir.’

“About five minutes later, he calls back and he’s screaming into the phone now. He’s very frightened, he’s babbling, he said he’s got all the guards out there with their weapons drawn. They wanted orders on what to do. I told them make sure nothing enters the fenced area.

“When I hung up the phone I thought we were under attack. By who or what I had no idea,” he continued.

“And then we get bells and whistles going off. We could see the lights going from green to red all across the board meaning the missiles were inoperable. If the president had given the order to launch the missiles, we could not have launched them.”

Captain Salas claims that despite all of of that happening, the Air Force claimed that after investigating the incident the UFO sighting never posed a threat.

“That was certainly a lie,” said the retired Air Force captain.

He said he and others at the scene were forced to sign documents saying they would not speak publicly about the incident.

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