Glowing UFOs Over Las Vegas Baffle Locals As Military, Airport Deny Any Knowledge

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Numerous Las Vegas residents witnessed a mysterious group of glowing UFOs in the night sky last week. What makes the UFO sighting even more strange is that area military officials and the local airport denied any knowledge or involvement.

The glowing UFOs caused such a stir that 8 News NOW in Las Vegas decided to investigate.

As they point out, strange lights in the sky above or around Las Vegas can usually be attributed to things like parachute flares, or military or aviation training. After all, Nellis Air Force Base, Creech Air Force Base and Harry Reid International Airport are all located in the region around Sin City.

However, when the station reached out to Nellis Air Force Base a spokesperson there said there was no training conducted over the valley that night.

A spokesperson for Harry Reid International Airport “also was unaware of any activity that would produce strange illumination in the night sky.”

The witness who shot video of the glowing UFOs from his backyard believes the lights were located over the Strip and the old downtown area.

“I’ve seen tourist helicopters flying around the Strip before, but this was so much bigger and brighter,” he said. “At the end there, it looks like a plane might be coming in to land at the airport.

“It was weird. The lights hung out for about five minutes or so, and then they were gone.”

Following the initial report by 8 News NOW, hundreds of locals tried to offer an explanation. Of the more than 750 comments received by the station, several suggestions stood out.

“I have been seeing these large, bright lights,” one person wrote in an email to “I have been followed by them for a while. I suspect it’s federal or police drones.”

Some responses described the lights as suspended over the Strip. Others said they were farther north and west, even referencing Area 51. Like Bill, many said they saw the lights hovering around 9 p.m. and then — in an instant — they were gone.

A woman’s email said her husband began studying such hovering lights in 2004, when he first saw them in Phoenix, and since has filmed them many times. “These lights in Vegas look very similar.”

The glowing cluster stirred memories from reader, a man who in an email said the lights looked similar to ones he saw one night driving toward Needles, California, on Interstate 40. “I turned my head for a minute … when I looked back where I saw them, the lights disappeared.”

One man, claiming to be a veteran, said he’s lived in the valley for 23 years and has seen the same lights many times. In his experience, they showed up southwest, as Interstate 15 cuts to the California state line. “They appear north and just to the west of Sheep Mountain … I have always assumed it was the military.”

So far, speculation about what the glowing UFOs were is just that, speculation, as no explanation has yet to be confirmed to 8 News NOW.

Over the weekend, the Pentagon confirmed three F-22 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a UFO over Hawaii. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that with this particular UFO sighting.

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