Witness The Terrifying Moment An Air Asia Jet Plunged 24,000 Feet After Losing Cabin Pressure

by 5 months ago

Some startling footage has emerged from an Air Asia flight which plunged 24,000 feet in a matter of minutes after a loss of cabin pressure. This took place less than 30 minutes after Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ535 took off from Perth, Australia.

In these unimaginably tense moments captured on camera, you can see the oxygen masks deployed, panicked passengers, and a flight crew who had lost control of the situation as they told everyone to get in positions for a crash.

The flight was on its way to Bali, and passenger Chris Jeanes planned on proposing to his girlfriend once they reached their paradise destination. Thinking that they were moments away from death, Chris pulled the ring out and proposed to his girlfriend on the spot. She said yes. Once they reached safety on the ground, Chris confirmed that she still wanted to get engaged and wasn’t just saying ‘yes’ because they were about to die…She still wants to get married.

According to NBC News, an accident investigator says ‘depressurization at 34,000 feet’ is what caused the plane to plummet. In a matter of minutes, the planet went from flying at 34,000 feet to 10,000 feet where the cabins are automatically pressurized and oxygen isn’t needed for survival. All passengers aboard this flight were transferred onto the next available flight and “provided with all necessary assistance” according to Indonesia AirAsia.

[h/t NBC News]

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