Alex Trebek Pulled Out A Killer Lil’ Jon Impression On ‘Jeopardy!’ And Dave Chappelle Would Be Proud

alex trebek lil jon impression

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Canada has produced a number of cultural icons over the years, and with apologies to Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette, none of them hold a special place in my heart more than Alex Trebek, the longtime host of Jeopardy! and notable kicker of cancer’s ass.

Jeopardy!—which recently became cool again thanks to the efforts of James Holzhauer, who raked in $2,464,216 over the course of 33 episodes of the show—has been a staple in my life since I was a kid and Trebek has been there every step of the way.

There’s nothing more I’d love than to end up on Jeopardy! one day and have Trebek say “Good for you!” after I share a relatively benign anecdote from my life before having him shadily judge me for getting a question about opera wrong.

As Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery reminded us on an installment of Celebrity Jeopardy! on Saturday Night Live, Trebek has cards that help make him seem more knowledgeable than he probably is but I still like to think he’s a pretty learned and cultured dude—which he proved on last night’s installment of Jeopardy!

During the first round of the game, contestants were tasked with answering (questioning?) clues involving rappers with “Lil” in their name, and when the show’s writers tasked Trebek with doing his best Lil’ Jon impression, the host did not disappoint.

To be accurate, this isn’t actually Trebek doing an impression of Lil’ Jon—it’s Trebek doing an impression of Dave Chappelle doing an impression of Lil’ Jon (it’s got layers, like an onion or an ogre).

I know Trebek is teasing retirement once his current contract ends in 2020, and while he’s certainly earned it, it will be a dark day for the world when he finally steps down.

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