Amazon Is Getting Roasted For Paying $78 Million To Air Terrible Broncos-Colts Game

The Broncos-Colts game is one of the worst games of the season, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos can’t be happy.

On Thursday night, the Colts and Broncos got into a field goal fest due to the fact that both teams struggled on offense.

The game was so bad that Al Michaels tried to put a positive spin on things, and Kirk Herbstreit wasn’t having it.

Al Michaels: “Sometimes a game could be so bad, it’s almost good. You know what I mean?”

Kirk Herbstreit: “No.”

One fan did the math and Amazon shelled out $78 million to air the Broncos-Colts game.

Fans roasted Amazon for paying so much for this awful game.

“$78 mil for this game and an additional $78 for next week’s Bears-Commanders?!? In this economy?!?!”

“Is this you business genius?”

“Is this the worst $78 million anyone has spent on anything ever?”

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