American Tourists Get Bamboozled By Restaurant In Mykonos After Receiving Insane Lunch Bill


Let’s play a little The Price is Right exercise. What is your estimate for the following restaurant order:

-6 plates of calamari
-6 beers
-3 salads
-2 bottles of water
-1 tomato juice

Let’s assume the calamari is $12 per order ($72 total). The beers are $7 a pop ($42). Salads, $12 ($36). Water, $3 ($6). Tomato juice $3. Total: $159

How’d we do?

[protected-iframe id=”bb51ee0889aa425de345701752018bd9-97886205-37946113″ info=”” width=”480″ height=”243″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

The price is so very wrong, if you happen to be dining at DK Oyster restaurant in Mykonos, Greece.

An American tourist and soldier from Brooklyn named Cisco Rock got totally bamboozled when he and his friends were presented with the bill for the aforementioned items. Rock claims the restaurant staff refused to give their party menus or show them the prices (red flag 1 and 2).

When the bill came, they saw they’d been charged $661.41 (€591) for six plates of calamari, $167.87 (€150) for six beers ($27.97 per drink), $66.46 (€59,40) for three caesar salads with chicken, $20.14 (€17.80) for two bottles of water, and $20.18 ($18) for one glass of tomato juice.

Via Trip Advisor:

Trip Advisor

Ladies and gents, what you see here is a $108 plate of calamari.

Trip Advisor

I don’t know if there are no laws in Greece or what, but with just a cursory scroll through Trip Advisor, it’s evident this place is highway robbery. I’ve seen better food reviews for Pelican Bay State Prison.

Can someone go here and upper deck the toilets? I got Venmo and willing to pay.