An allergic reaction to hair dye is a terrifying sight to see

Redditor JohntheRevelatorJR posted this series of photos claiming to be of a friend’s little brother trying hair dye for the first time. The ensuing allergic reaction, and what it did to the little brother’s head, are legitimately scary.

Step 1. Super cool jet black hair times

This will be the last happy moment this young man and his punk rock hair will ever share.

Step 2. The swelling begins

This is a good look if you’ve been cast as Egghead in the Justice League movie. It’s not a good look if you want to be a normal part of society.

Step 3. Trying to make the best of it

“LOL I look absolutely ridiculous right now! *post to Facebook* We’ll all look back on these pictures and laugh!”

Step 4. This isn’t funny any more

“My life is nothing but pain.”

Step 5. Acceptance

All you can do is hope your head doesn’t stay this way. Or accept your fate starring as Sloth in The Goonies reboot.

See all the images of the disaster on Imgur (via Gawker).