Ana de Armas Is Getting CRUSHED For Her Accent In The NC-17 Marilyn Monroe Film ‘Blonde’


Last week, Netflix dropped the first trailer for Blonde, the upcoming Andrew Dominik-directed film about Marilyn Monroe that stars Ana de Armas in the starring role.

While the film has been expected to be an awards season contender — it’s premiering at the boujee Venice Film Festival in September, after all — the initial response from movie fans hasn’t necessarily been all positive, as some prospective viewers are confused by the fact that de Armas appeared to keep her Cuban accent for the film.

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While de Armas’ appears to have the look of the legendary model and actress down, that doesn’t appear to be the case with the voice, as evidenced by the film’s first trailer. To his credit, though, director Andrew Dominik did say earlier this year that Blonde will likely “offend everyone.”

Some fans took to Twitter to voice their frustration with the directorial and acting choice, joking that Monroe “famously” had a thick Cuban accent.

Movie fans react to Ana de Armas’ accent in the Netflix movie Blonde

de Armas could use a Russian accent for all I care — the trailer looked excellent so I’ll be seated for this movie as soon as Netflix kindly drops a screener in email inbox.

In addition to de Armas, Blonde stars Adrien Brody (as Arthur Miller), Bobby Cannavale (as Joe DiMaggio), and Julianne Nicholson (as Gladys Pearl Baker, Monroe’s mother). The movie is helmed by filmmaker Andrew Dominik, who also directed The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Killing Them Softly.

Blonde hits Netflix on Friday, September 23.

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