Rock Star Pays A Fan’s Speeding Ticket After He Got All Jacked Up From Andrew WK’s New Song

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An Andrew WK fan recently got slapped with a speeding ticket in the UK after the rock star’s new single came on the radio and the fan got all jacked up on rock and punched it. Obviously, speeding because your favorite song is on the radio isn’t advisable. Also, just as a heads up, I’ve included the new single from Andrew WK at the bottom of this article so that you can hear it.

‘Officer, you’d understand why I was speeding if you could just hear this banger!’ is not a viable excuse for getting out of a speeding ticket. However, it is a viable reason to get rock star Andrew WK to pay for your speeding ticket if he happens to hear about your story on Twitter. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Andrew WK caught wind that the fan received the speeding ticket after his new single came on the radio and he offered to pay for the fan’s ticket. Here’s how it all played out on Twitter, from start to finish (via Twitter Moments):

The party didn’t stop there. Andrew WK invited the dude who got the speeding ticket to come party his ass off at one of the upcoming tour dates in the UK. He told him to pick out whatever tickets worked for him and they’d sort out the details:

Getting a speeding ticket can really put a damper on your day but this story ended up great. Andrew WK’s one of the more active rock stars on Twitter so I’m not shocked that he did something awesome like this. It’s just great to see a story that ends well.

For what it’s worth, here’s that new song which came on the radio:

(h/t Twitter Moments)

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