The Best Part Of Netflix’s Fyre Festival Documentary Almost Got Cut And I Don’t Know How I Would Have Lived Without It

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Last month, the world was treated to not one but two movies documenting the debacle that was Fyre Festival. While both of them had their merits, I’d argue the Netflix version offered a slightly more compelling look despite the controversy surrounding the potentially complicit meme factory that helped produce it.

I can’t point to many tangible reasons why Netflix’s retelling of the events drew me in more than Hulu’s did, but if I had to pick one aspect that put it over the top, it would have to be an anecdote relayed by the inimitable Andy King.

No single moment defines Fyre Festival’s sheer dysfunction better than the time Billy McFarland called up King to ask him for a tiny favor in the form of exchanging a little bit of oral sex for a tanker full of water—specifically Evian, which is really poetic when you consider it’s “naive” spelled backward.

King quickly went viral after the clip of his instantly infamous story started to make the rounds and got offered his own television show for his troubles. However, things could have played out very differently if the festival organizer had originally had his way.

According to Complex, King initially lobbied the producers of Fyre to keep the scene out of the final cut. He told TMZ about how the conversation went down, saying:

“I went to them and I said, listen, I just talked to my lawyers and some of my creative team and they said ‘Andy, you’ve gotta pull this thing, that can not go into this documentary.

When I sat with the director, he said ‘Andy, you don’t understand. Without that scene, there isn’t a documentary.’ I said, come on, there’s no way. And he said ‘Trust me.'”

Here’s the full video of his conversation:

I couldn’t be gladder that he changed his mind based almost entirely on some of the memes we got out of it—including this one by my good friend Cass.

I don’t know when his show is going to air but it can’t come soon enough.

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