Another UFO Shot Down Over Lake Huron And People Are Demanding Answers

UFO flying over Lake Huron

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Another UFO has gone down in the United States.

On Sunday, the FAA announced they were temporarily closing airspace over Lake Michigan for “Department of Defense activities.”

Michiigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin tweeted Sunday, “Just got a call from @DeptofDefense — our military has an extremely close eye on the object above Lake Huron.”

A military E-3 sentry plane was seen flying over the area, according to reports.

Hours after the airspace closure, it was reported that a UFO flying over Lake Huron had been downed.

Update: The UFO that was shot down over Lake Huron was reportedly “shaped like an Octagon” and not considered to be extraterrestrial.

Considering a Chinese spy balloon was shot down last week and two unidentified flying objects have been shot down in the last few days people are demanding answers from the government.

Elon Musk had a joke about all the UFOs popping up lately.

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