Arizona Church Hosting Trump Rally Claims It Has Tech That Kills COVID So No Masks Required!

Arizona Church Hosting Trump Rally Claims It Has Tech That Kills COVID


Great news, everybody. The pandemic is no longer a problem. The Dream City Church in Arizona claims it has technology that kills 99.9% of the COVID-19 molecules floating in the air, making it perfectly safe for people to congregate in close quarters with no masks or anything!!

Now if we can just get the Dream City Church to share this groundbreaking technology with the rest of the world everything can go right back to normal as if there aren’t still thousands of people dying every week from the coronavirus.

Don’t believe me? Dream City Church’s CFO Brendon Zastrow and Pastor Luke Barnett made a video which should put all your concerns to rest.


Good thing they’ve got this technology that literally no one else is claiming will kill the coronavirus germs in the air because on Tuesday the President of the United States Donald Trump will hosting a rally there and NO ONE will be required to wear a mask.

You’ll still have to sign a waiver though. You know, just in case this super church tech doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

Not that the church had any idea that Trump was the one who rented out their facility.

Dream City Church confirms it will be renting its facilities to Turning Point Action for their Phoenix event. Turning Point Action contacted Dream City regarding use of its facilities for a student event. Dream City prayerfully considered and then agreed. Turning Point Action subsequently informed Dream City that the President planned to speak at the event. Dream City’s facility rental does not constitute endorsement of the opinions of its renters. Each facility rental is a means to generate funds so that Dream City may continue to carry out its outreach vision – to reach the hurting and needy in the community for Jesus Christ. Please join Dream City in praying that the church may continue to effectively carry out that mission.

Or that a politician holding a political rally at a church goes against IRS rules.

But did they know that this super duper COVID-19 killing tech was developed by a company owned by members of their church?

Eh, I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine.