Soldier Returns From Afghanistan And Surprises His Tearful Kids At The Kings Game

dad surprises kids at Kings game

Sacramento Kings / ESPN

We’re still 12 days away but we can call the race now. U.S. Army Sargeant First Class Shawn Sullivan just won Christmas. After returning from an 8-month tour in Afghanistan, U.S. Army Sargeant First Class Shawn Sullivan surprised his two young kids at a Sacramento Kings game last night in the best way possible.

The kids were led to believe that they were going to be blindfolded and had to find the Kings’ mascot in order to win a prize. The crowd was going to help the kids out by cheering loudly or booing as the kids got closer/farther away from wherever the mascot was hiding. The second the blindfolds went on dad came running out onto the court after his 8-month tour in Afghanistan and went up to his kids, holding them both, and getting the hero’s welcome he deserves.

If that tweet isn’t loading for you then you can access it directly here.

I’m sorry, but if you’re not at least a little bit choked up after watching that video then 2017 might have actually killed you inside. Seriously, if you can’t find at least a little extra gloss on your eyeballs after watching that hero reunite with his children after 8-months in Afghanistan then you might need to seek professional treatment because that’s one of the most touching clips I’ve seen all year. We’re 12 days away from Christmas and a few weeks from 2018, I defy you to find a more heart-warming video than this one. You can’t.

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