Australia’s Hottest Burger Is So Brutal, You Actually Have To Sign A Waiver To Eat It

Australias Hottest Burger Urge Death Wish


Australian fast food restaurant Burger Urge sells something called a Double Decker Death Wish burger that’s so blazin’ hot it requires goggles and gloves to prepare it and a signed waiver if you want eat to it.

“We have to take special precautions when we prep it, that alone tells me someone’s in for a treat,” Burger Urge Molendinar manager, Dana Bradshaw told 9NEWS.

The Double Decker Death Wish burger is made up of habanero peppers, ghost chilis, and secret hot sauce, as well as two Angus beef patties, maple bacon, cheese, pickles, jalapeños, tomato, and lettuce, reports Travel + Leisure.

Sounds delicious. And I am apparently not the only one who thinks so because, according to an Instagram post by Burger Urge, the Double Decker Death Wish is selling out.

“PSA: Due to unprecedented demand, The Double Decker Death Wish is temporarily SOLD OUT in Mackay and Gladstone. Supply in Rockhampton, Salisbury and Loganholme is very limited!” they wrote.

“It’s legitimately the hottest burger in Australia. Those ghost chillies are no joke,” said Burger Urge Managing Director Sean Carthew.

I still want one. It just looks so good.

Even after seeing these guys suffer…


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