Here’s Something We Didn’t Expect To Ever See: Natalie Portman Taking The ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge

Natalie Portman hot ones challenge video

YouTube - First We Feast

So, here’s something we didn’t expect to see today, or ever. Natalie Portman took First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” Challenge and handled it like a GD champion.

I mean, sure, Wanda Sykes seems like someone up for the challenge. Steve-O from Jackass? Of course. John Mayer? Sure. Chris Jericho, Terry Crews, and even Cara Delevingne weren’t shockers. But Natalie Portman? Who knew she would be down for some hot ‘n’ spicy wings?

And not only was she down for it, she even managed to conduct a coherent interview while choking down wings doused with hot sauces ranging from 600 Scoville level to 2,000,000 like a goddamn champion.

Natalie Portman hot ones challenge

YouTube - First We Feast

Watch and listen as in between bites, and long sips of milk, Portman discusses, among other things, her awesome SNL rap performances, her days at Harvard, and why it’s cool that Kanye used ballet dancers in his “Runaway” video.

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