Here’s How Much Dates Cost In Every State Across America And NY Is Almost 8x More Than SD

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The dating game can be expensive as hell if you play it all wrong.

Steakhouse vs. Fast Food (don’t go on a first date to a fast food joint, don’t do it). Cocktails vs Wine vs Water. Appetizers or Straight to Entrees. Dessert? This adds up. Are you going to a movie after dinner? Are you going to the bar? It all adds up.

People bemoan how expensive life in NYC is but you don’t notice it nearly as much when you’re living there. Mostly because you don’t have anything to compare it against. The cost of living is expensive but salaries in New York are generally higher than most other cities to adjust for this.

The map below from Yahoo! Finance shows the average cost of a date for every state in America and a date in New York is nearly eight times more expensive than a date in South Dakota.

This is reflective of the entire state. So in New York’s case, the average cost is obviously being driven up by NYC.

A date in Schenectady or Utica isn’t going to run nearly $300 on average whereas a date in NYC could easily run over that depending on the restaurant. Heck, you could end up a restaurant with a $300/pp tasting menu in Manhattan and spend twice that before drinks.

Likewise, I’m sure that a date in Aspen, Colorado costs well above the state’s average of $102.

For the purposes of this map, a ‘date’ consists of the average price for the following: dinner for two, a bottle of wine, and two movie tickets.

Here’s a look at the map. The main takeaway here is that dating on the West Coast and in The Northeast is painfully expensive compared to everywhere else in the nation:

If that tweet isn’t loading for you then you can check out the map on Yahoo! Finance’s website.

The cheapest state for dating is South Dakota at $38.27 followed closely by North Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana.

New York is the most expensive at $297.27 followed by New Jersey at $259.60. Not too far behind that is Connecticut, California, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

For more on this, you can visit Yahoo! Finance’s website.

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