Doctors Remove A Bag Of Weed That Was Stuck In A Man’s Nose For 18 Years

Doctors in Australia removed a bag of weed that was stuck in a man’s nos, for 18 years.

iStockphoto / VasilevKirill

A man was suffering from regular sinus infections that caused painful headaches, so he went to the doctor. It turned out that the man had a nasal obstruction — a bag of weed.

The paper titled “A nose out of joint: first reported case of prison-acquired marijuana-based rhinolith” was published in the British Medical Journal details the curious case of a man who had a bag of weed in his nose for 18 years. “Does it smell like weed in here?” – This guy every single day for the last 18 years.

According to the lead author Dr. Murray Smith of Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, a man saw a physician to find out why he was continually having headaches. The doctor performed a CT scan and discovered a “rubber capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter,” which was the small baggie of cannabis. You’re doing weed wrong.

“Despite experiencing persistent symptoms of nasal obstruction and recurrent sinonasal infections, the marijuana package was only discovered 18 years after insertion following imaging for an unrelated indication,” the “unique case” report said.

The patient was in prison, and his wife smuggled in marijuana to him during a visit 18 years ago. The weed was inside a rubber balloon, and he hid the cannabis in his right nostril. He put it in the wrong hole. When he got back to his jail cell, he couldn’t find the bag of weed, so he assumed that he swallowed the drugs. For some reason, the man didn’t check his stool the next day for the weed.

According to the paper, over the 18 years, the bag of weed developed into a rhinolith, which is a stone in the nasal cavity formed as calcium and magnesium salts slowly build up. Mmmmmm that dank booger kush.

The now-48-year-old Australian man needed to undergo surgery to remove the rubber bag out of his nose. Three months after the weed was taken out of his nose, all of his symptoms disappeared.

But did he smoke it?