Road Test: Will Banana Peels Cause A Real Car To Wipeout Like In Mario Kart?

In Mario Kart, ditching a banana peel out of your vehicle is a great way to disable your opponent who is behind you. But what about in real life with a real car? What happens when an actual car rides over a pile of bananas?

The YouTube channel The Hoonigans did a Mario Kart IRL road test on their show Scumbag Labs. In the fifth episode of the show titled “Will Banana Peels Make a Car Spin Out??” the group did an actual road test to see if the popular video game weapon works in real life.

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Tens of bananas peels were placed on a private track and a 2018 Audi RS5 tested out the Nintendo possibilities (For those concerned, all of the peeled bananas will go towards a dessert blowout at their office). The traction test found that banana peels don’t have nearly the slippery effect that they do in video games.

The fruit skin did not affect the performance or traction on the all-wheel drive, 444-horsepower Audi.

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Banana peels were fun. Now do a car versus a turtle shell. After that do a car versus a BOB-OMB. The actual banana peel racing starts around the 4:30-mark.

For those wondering what the effects of banana peels on an actual go-kart would be — Rooster Teeth performed this experiment.

Billy Madison was a lie.

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Cars don’t wipe out over a pile of banana peels, let alone many banana peels.Go-karts don’t wipeout from driving on banana peels. Mario Kart is a lie. My childhood is a lie. Everything is a lie.

However, it should be noted that banana peels can be slippery to walk on. Mythbusters did a test on whether banana peels are slippery for walking on and that was a totally different story.

Who could forget this classic viral video of Mario Kart in real life.