Competitive Barefoot Runner And Devout Unicyclist Gets Roasted By The Internet For His Disgust Of Acorns

What do you hate? Group texts? The “Baby Shark” song? “Papa” from Stranger Things? Autocorrect also defaulting to “ducking?” When the chocolate on your Reese’s peanut butter cups rips off on the bottom wrapper? When the door handle gets stuck in your belt loop? There’s a lot in the world to hate, but for one competitive barefoot runner, he hates acorns with the fire of 1,000 suns.

It is fall and that means acorns are going to fall, especially in chilly Minneapolis where temperatures have already dipped below freezing. The Facebook group “I LOVE NE MINNEAPOLIS” featured an interesting post of a gentleman who despises acorns. Alex Conover is a member of the group focused on all things Northeast Minneapolis and he posted a screenshot of the barefoot runner angrily complaining about acorns (or hilariously trolling the hell out of everyone).

“I’m not sure if many of you have stepped on acorns with no shoes before, but it is quite painful!” the barefoot runner laments. “I would hate to have to complain to the City about this, so just wanted to give everyone a heads up!”

Do you realize how many acorns fall?

The replies were A++.

Especially from this dude who competes in LEGO Fire Walks and knows a thing or two about excruciating foot pain.

The devout barefoot runner allegedly reported the Facebook group to the city of Minneapolis for “cyberbullying.”

Why stop at acorns? Why not remove every leaf. And why stop at leaves? Why not just nip the problem in the bud and cut down every tree near the roads so there’s no acorns or leaves?

In a revelation that will probably shock nobody, the barefoot runner is also a “SERIOUS” unicyclist who was also interested in joining competitive unicycling clubs. Let me remind you, he is a “SERIOUS” unicyclist, not one of those flippant clown unicyclists.

This dude runs on the pavement with no shoes and rides on a vehicle with only one wheel. He should not be taken as a serious person.