This Overbed Table That Is Blowing Up On Kickstarter Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your Bed


Remember that nerdburger from Shark Tank who cut a smiley face in a sponge, called it the Scrub Daddy, and made $100 million? You know that the guy who invented the slinky has netted close to $250 million? Want to know what the guy who invented the Snuggie is doing right now? WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS, that’s what. All of these dudes have created simple solutions to universal problems (ok, first-world problems) and will never have to work another day.

Another “how the hell haven’t I thought of that” invention that is a lot less gimmicky and a lot more practical is the BEDCHILL Overbed Table. If you’re like me, you spend two hours a night letting your laptop burn a hole through your thigh while you watch Netflix in bed because there is simply no more comfortable way to position it.

The BEDCHILL, dubbed “the world’s first connected overbed rolling table,” has remedied that problem. And then some. The overbed rolling table can transform your bed into the complete entertainment, dining, storage and workstation.


The company started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $22,000. They funded that goal in one hour. At the time of me writing this, they have raised over $320,000 through 700 backers.

The Bedchill comes in two versions: the Bedchill Basic and the Bedchill Plus–which sports a fully-powered and connected design.

Here are the amenities of the BedChill Plus:

4 power outlets: 2 power outlets on each side.

4 USB charging ports

2 LED lights: To match the light with your mood, you can choose the color, mode, and adjust brightness with the remote control.

Stereo speakers: connection with Bluetooth, volume adjustment is remote control operated.

Remote control: allows you to manage light and audio.

2 drawers

3 raised edges: Three raised edges so belongings don’t slide off onto the bed

Retractable electric cable

Adjustable height


The Bedchill is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, from now until September 7th, with a promotional price of up to 40% off retail, starting at $179 for the Bedchill Basic and $341 for the Plus.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the gift that keeps on giving, follow this link to pre-order.

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