Ben Affleck Is Great With Snails

Ben Affleck Is Great With Snails, Says 'Deep Water' Snail Wrangler

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  • Ben Affleck recently starred alongside Ana de Armas in Hulu’s erotic thriller Deep Water.
  • One scene features the 49-year-old actor handling a snail.
  • According to the film’s “snail wrangler”, Affleck was “exceptional” with the snails.

Ben Affleck has one of the most fascinating A-list careers in Hollywood. Just look at the projects he’s appeared in over the last 12 months, for example.

First came a redemptive appearance as Batman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. He followed that up with a truly gonzo role in Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel before giving what some thought should’ve been an Oscar-nominated performance in The Tender Bar.

Finally, last Friday — exactly one year after Zack Snyder’s Justice League hit HBO Max — Hulu dropped Deep Water, the Adrian Lyne-directed erotic thriller alongside his ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas. Hell of a year for Slick Benny Affleck (who, by the way, is dating J-Lo again, in case you haven’t heard).

While Deep Water is ultimately receiving subpar reviews, the film has blessed us with one vital piece of information: Affleck is apparently great with snails.

“Ben was fantastic to work with. He’s a great listener,” snail wrangler Max Anton told Entertainment Weekly. “And you can tell that when he does his scenes, he will take instructions. He understands them, and usually, he can nail it the first time. He was exceptionally good with my animals. We didn’t lose a single one.”

“I showed Ben how to handle the snails. I would put them directly on his hand. And then when the scene ended, I’d run up and take the snail off of his hand with my left hand and put a rag in his hand with the right hand so he could get the slime off.” [via Entertainment Weekly]

Ben Affleck, folks — a true renaissance man. Writer, director, actor, Dunkin Donuts enjoyer, cig-smoker, and a friend of snails.

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