These Are Supposedly The 27 Best Bars In America For 2021

Best Bars in America 2021


According to IBISWorld, there are 59,052 bars and nightclubs in the United States.

So to claim that you have narrowed down the best bars in America to just 27 establishments is a very bold statement.

That, however, did not stop the fine folks over at Esquire from doing such a thing, and hey, if they say these are the best bars in America – out of 59,052 – then these 27 joints must be pretty dang special. So I share.

This year’s Best Bars are a reflection of the desire to experience wonder once more—in being introduced to mind-expanding wines and whiskeys, downing pints in old churches, or hunkering in jazzy spaces again—and to be grateful for places that managed to remain intrinsic to the fabric of drinking culture in America. A pioneering cocktail den in Harlem, one of the oldest sake bars in America, and a quintessential Mission District dive are all part of this year’s list, our fifteenth.

Dang. They’ve been bold enough to do this for 15 straight years? In the age of social media? Talk about gluttons for punishment. But I digress… here are the 27 bars they chose.

Watchman’s – Atlanta, Georgia

Fadensonnen – Baltimore, Maryland

Ministry of Brewing – Baltimore, Maryland

Hunky Dory – Brooklyn, New York

Lazy Bird – Chicago, Illinois

Comfort Station – Cincinnati, Ohio

Tender Mercy – Dayton, Ohio

Noble Riot – Denver, Colorado

Thunderbolt – Los Angeles, California

Trouble Bar – Louisville, Kentucky

Crooked Ram – Manchester, Vermont

White Limozeen – Nashville, Tennessee

Elysian Bar – New Orleans, Louisiana

67 Orange Street – New York, New York

Double Chicken Please – New York, New York

Decibel – New York, New York

Viridian – Oakland, California

Con Alma – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Scotch Lodge – Portland, Oregon

J & Tony’s – San Diego, California

Phone Booth – San Francisco, California
I literally could not find this bar anywhere on social media. Which probably means that it’s a really great place.

Kona’s Street Market – San Francisco, California

Roquette – Seattle, Washington

Vaquero Bar – Solvang, California

Valley Bar + Bottle – Sonoma, California

Tiki TNT – Washington, D.C.

Serenata – Washington, D.C.

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