2020 Could Very Well Be The Year Of The Caesar Salad

caesar salad

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For years and years I have always felt that caesar salads might be the most disrespected dish of all time. A salad that can transform from a full lunch, to a starter, to an entree has seemed to slip through the cracks time and time again when discussing the best meals out there.

There is so much that goes into the art of a good caesar salad beyond just a solid base of quality romaine lettuce. What’s the crouton to lettuce ratio looking like? God forbid you drop the ball on that and the entire salad goes out the window. Is there such thing as too much cheese on a caesar? Do you try and be a hero and throw some anchovies in that thing? These are all the questions and risks you have to run through your head before addressing what is and isn’t a good caesar salad.

Lately, I have been seeing more and more people buying these to go caesar salad kits in supermarkets and even taking on the challenge of making one of their own. Too me, that is the sign of people finally hopping onboard the caesar train which has been so disrespected for years now. It’s been on your favorite restaurant’s menus for years and something that really has never left us behind.

In what’s been a shitty, unpredictable 2020, the only constant so far has been the one thing that we have tended to forget about, and that is the beauty of a good caesar salad. Go snag a caesar today and enjoy the adrenaline rush folks, because whether you like it or not, 2020 is the year of the caesar salad.