Diaries Of The Rich And Famous: The 50 Most Extravagant, Entertaining Celebrity Instagrams Today

Meet our universe’s new leader.

Every day dozens and dozens of celebrities share pictures, videos, jokes, gear and other goodies to their Instagram accounts. There is literally so much going on with so many people that there’s almost no way the average bro can keep tabs on it all. So, because we care, we do it for you so you can waste your time at work, at home or wherever you may be in a much more efficient manner. After all, if you’re going to be wasting time, you want to do it right.

Here are the best celebrity Instagram posts we saw on the internet today…

Wish I could ‘get away’ like this whenever I wanted.

Or like this.

Or this.

Or this.

This is just so Canadian…

This is just so OBJ…

Nice view.

Nice ride.

Nice fish.

His life definitely doesn’t suck.

Neither does his life.

Nor does his.

Looking sharp, Tyron.

You too, Aaron.


Taraji P. Henson hung out with Snoop.

Eleven hung out with Drake.

Henry Cavill has a very good dog.

Why do people with the most money always get the most free sh!t?

Is there any chance he paid for these seats?

How you know you’ve officially made it.

This also counts…I think.

This definitely does.

So does this.

Wish I was born rich.

It would make things so much easier.

For example…

Then again…

Fiddy works out.

So does Nia Jax.

And Jinder Mahal.

Seriously, who takes these random pictures?

Best legs of all time? Hard to argue.

Her weekend was probably better than mine.

So was hers.


Nice try, Cardale.


Oh my…

Still in business.

Never change, Jalen.

Ummm… impressive?

The Hoff, ladies and gentlemen.

Please stop.


Today’s celebrity words of wisdom…