Diaries Of The Rich And Famous: The 50 Most Awesome, Amusing And Absurd Celebrity Instagrams Today

best celebrity instagams

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Kaley Cuoco got engaged…again.

Every day dozens and dozens of celebrities share pictures, videos, jokes, gear and other goodies to their Instagram accounts. There is literally so much going on with so many people that there’s almost no way the average bro can keep tabs on it all. So, because we care, we do it for you so you can waste your time at work, at home or wherever you may be in a much more efficient manner. After all, if you’re going to be wasting time, you want to do it right.

Here are the best celebrity Instagram posts we saw on the internet today…

They’re coming back!

Nice whip, AG.

How Troy Aikman watches football.

I want to visit a castle.

J-Lo wants the Yankees to hire A-Rod as manager.

Speaking of baseball…

Tennessee, we’ve found your new coach!

Nice house.

Nice fireplace.

Nice view.

So much better than mine.

Hers is too.

So is hers.

AI has some sweet new kicks.

CP3 has some too.

Nate’s not happy.

Machete hung out with Eric Dickerson.

Ed Sheeran hung out with Zoey Deutch.

Armie Hammer hung out with The Dude and The Dame.

Slater hung out with Mariah.

Nas hung out with Chris Rock and Diddy.

Diddy hung out with the Salt Bae.

Hugh Jackman hung out with Professor X.

Lea Thompson hung out with Nikki Bella.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan hung out here.

Emma, I mean Tenille Dashwood, hung out here.

Meagan Good works out.

So, apparently, does JCVD.

As does Torrie Wilson.

And Wilmer Valderrama, kind of

That’s a lot of people.

So is this.

Of course he got a pair.

What are those?

Emily Bett Rickard has a very good dog.

So does Chelsea Handler.

And Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

What the hell?

How is this suitcase not tipping over?

Her winter is way better than mine.

So is his.

Celebrities…always on vacation.

Another day, another cover for The Rock.

The floor is lava…literally.

Oh my…

Today’s celebrity words of wisdom…