People On Twitter Are Sharing The Most Absurd Things Their Dad’s Have Ever Said And I Can’t Stop Laughing

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iStockphoto / Koldunova_Anna

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. But I’m sure you already knew that because you aren’t the type of person to wait until the last minute to get dad a gift. Wait, you are? I’ve got you covered with this roundup of Gifts Dad Actually Wants For Father’s Day. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about, we’re here for the #DadJokes.

Jimmy Fallon tweeted out a message asking his followers to use the hashtag #DadQuotes to share something weird or funny their dad has said over the years. The responses have been spectacular.

I’m sure that Fallon will turn these responses into a clip on his TV show like he usually does but we can skip that and go straight to the tweets. Jimmy kicked it off by sharing one of his own which wasn’t really all that great but the responses were much better:

Dad Jokes don’t wait on illness.

I have to wonder how often the employees at the Apple Store get this question:

See, this is a dad joke I completely missed out on growing up in Florida where it snowed one time in my entire childhood.

The best dad jokes are told on the fly.

This dad is a genius.

Solid parenting here.

I cannot wait to embarrass my son with this one at the beach in front of his friends.

Solid response.

This dad sounds like he’s really fun at parties:

My dad also did this. Dads are the best.

As I mentioned above, you’ve still got time to get dad the perfect gift. I put together this list of 50 Gifts Dad Actually Wants For Father’s Day to save you some time. You don’t need to buy anything from that if you don’t want to, you can just use it for inspiration, or not, whatever floats your boat.