The Best, Most Inexplicable ‘Madden 19’ Glitches We’ve Seen So Far This Year

Best Madden 19 Glitches

EA Sports

Rarely, and I mean VERY rarely, does a glitch in a uber-popular video game not mean bad news for the developer that created it. One of the very few exceptions to this rule is when there is a glitch in the annual Madden NFL game by EA Sports.

In fact, one could easily argue that the annual batch of Madden glitches actually work out to be a positive for EA Sports as they inevitably go at least a little bit viral and generate a bunch of free publicity for the game.

And, one could also argue, that EA Sports builds some of these glitches into the game each year just for that very reason. I mean, it certainly wouldn’t be the dumbest thing to do, right? Especially when some of the best Madden glitches we’ve seen so far in 2018 are way more fun than actually playing the game the right way.

For example…

Where’s the Madden ambulance when you really need it?

Le’Veon Bell is rated 100 for teleportation.

Todd Gurley can also teleport.

Why isn’t this lineman also the team’s punter?

The Colts center might want to get this checked.

Umm, we know the catch rule is still confusing, but this call should have been easy.

What, you didn’t know the Saints signed two ghosts to play corner this year?

Can someone check on the 49ers punter please?

Patriots…still cheating.

No idea. Seriously.

You CANNOT bring the Falcons’ QB down!

Center runs the ball? Check. Refs are blind in Madden too? Check.

Well, this isn’t fair.

And finally, yes, Madden, we also agree that the Chargers should still be in San Diego.