Le’Veon Bell Teleports 40 Yards In Miraculous Madden ’19 Glitch, Still Getting Franchise Tagged

by 1 year ago


Nothing like a good ole-fashioned Madden glitch. At this point, I’m confident the technology nerd burgers behind the game are staging the glitches for free press. Madden ’19 hasn’t even been released yet (August 10), but one fan who pre-ordered the game has been treated to a miracle.

The Pittsburgh Steelers would have never franchise tagged Le’Veon Bell for the billionth year in a row if they knew he had teleporting powers. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the second most impressive touchdown in NFL history, behind only Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Quake touchdown in the 2011 Wild Card game. Social media personality Bob Menery added some much needed commentary to the play.

I swear if I was playing Madden with my buddy and he teleported into the end zone to win the game, I’d throw the controller at his face and then hunt John Madden down and slap him in his 82-year-old face. Can’t as

As far as legendary glitches go, Greg Jennings breaking his leg and putting the team on his back will go down as the greatest moment in Madden history. I’d pay all $82 in my bank account for this dude to give play-by-play commentary to my high school football highlights. All 30 seconds of the reel.

May Madden glitches outlast all future advancements in technology.


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