It’s The Season Of Embarrassment: People Shared Their Worst ‘Homecoming FAILs’ On Twitter

best of Homecoming Fail tweets

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School dances were the worst. I know that everyone doesn’t feel this way. Some of you probably loved them. Me? I never found anything even remotely enjoyable about standing around in a dance circle and breaking it down to ‘The Thong Song’.

Maybe school dances coincided with the age where I hated fun, I don’t know. It’s not that Homecoming was awful. I actually won Homecoming Prince/King my Sophomore year and was the first non-football player to win at the school. Shout out to H.S. Crew/Rowing and Golf for keeping me away from CTE, right? Right.

Anyway, homecoming is prom’s lame ass cousin who comes in town once a year and ruins all the fun. There’s a 50/50 chance your team loses the game ahead of the dance. There’s a lame ass parade that’s not for the students as much as it’s for the geriatric alumni who want to ride around the track surrounding the football field in a Chevy Camaro and wave at people they don’t recognize.

The theme of the dance 100% sucks ass and you’re too young to have your own money yet or any real sense of fashion so you end up dressing like a complete jackass with a suit that doesn’t fit well and a poorly tied necktie. It’s just, not good. And that’s all before something embarrassing happens.

A few days ago, Jimmy Fallon sent out a tweet asking people to use the hashtag #HomecomingFAIL and share their most embarrassing homecoming moment. Some of the responses are fan-f*cking-tastic.

Since this was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon he compiled this into a short little clip (below) but I know a lot of you would rather scroll through tweets than watch a video. I know this because you’ve told me so in the past. So I’ve also included a bunch of the popular tweets below the video for you to scroll through, enjoy.

Here are some of the best tweets from the #HomecomingFail hashtag (also check me out on Twitter at @casspa).


I feel like I’ve heard of this happening to several people. How hard is it to *not* hit cars?


This dude was trying waaaayyyyy too hard for something with poor execution.


This. Is. Something.

Claustrophobia or not, this sounds like a badass Homecoming location.

Legends get remembered.

This has to happen at like 50% of all school dances.

Lastly, this is 100% a Homecoming Win and in no way a fail. This is definitely a humble brag this girl snuck into a trending tweet.

Honestly, I cannot say that anything embarrassing ever happened to me at homecoming. I was just never a fan of school dances. The after parties were great but the dance itself always sucked ass. Maybe I just had bad luck with some boring ass dances.

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