People On Twitter Shared Stories Of Their Weirdest Teacher From School And LOLOLOL

Looking back, it’s hard for me to tell if some of the teachers I had in Middle School and Elementary School were actually weird AF or if I was just young and everything in the world seemed weird. I’m skeptical because I’ve just finished watching this clip above from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and I now realize there are some truly strange teachers out there who make the idiosyncrasies of my childhood teachers look tame.

Here are a few tweets that didn’t make TV:

Jimmy Fallon‘s been pretty successful at taking the AskReddit model of asking people for their weirdest stories and applying it to this massive following on Twitter. The major difference being users only have 160 characters to tell their story for Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Hashtags’ segment whereas they can write borderline novellas on AskReddit. I used to think it was kind of bullshit that Fallon basically forces hashtags to trend anytime he wants free content for his TV show, but I’ve come around to it lately because the segments are actually pretty good.

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