Here Are The Best And Worst Cities For Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

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I don’t know about you bros but my gahd am I bloated today. Yesterday, I started my day off by eating a pack of Haribo gummy bears from my Christmas stocking and it was all downhill from there. Today, I tricked myself into believing I’m going to shed the holiday weight, by way of exercising and dieting. I also told myself I’d stop gassing cigarettes, a habit that was brought on by drinking and to fit in with other angsty New Yorkers.

Talk to me in a month. See how I’m doing. 20 bucks says I’ll be dick deep in a Ben and Jerry’s carton with a tobacco wad tucked into my lower lips and lodged in between my toes. But, my inability to commit to a resolution may not be my fault, but the fault of the city I live in.

According to WalletHub, estimates of the resolution failure rate vary from 42 percent to 92 percent. WalletHub tasked itself with determining where Americans are most likely to stick to their goals by ranking more than 180 U.S. cities based on their “conduciveness to self-improvement.”

The study looked at a total of 52 key metrics, ranging from gyms per capita to income growth to employment outlook.

Here are the 15 cities that are most conducive for keeping New Years resolutions.


And the 15 cities that keeping resolutions are damn near impossible.


At the end of the day, strength comes from within. It don’t matter if you live on the damn moon. Get your reps in. I should really take my own advice.

[h/t WalletHub]

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