The Amount Of Money Bhad Bhabie Claims To Have Made From Subscription Sites Is Astounding

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Internet personality Bhad Bhabie claims she made at least $70 million selling exclusive subscription content, according to a recent profile interview in Rolling Stone.

Real name Danielle Bregoli, the 20-year-old rapper and social media star first rose to prominence as a teenager when she appeared on Dr. Phil in 2016.

In April of 2021, just six days after her 18th birthday, Bhabie signed up for the subscription service site and claimed to make over $1 million in under six hours. Now that it’s been two years, Bergoli claims that the total has ballooned to $70 million.

Prior to her career as an aspiring rapper and adult content creator, Bregoli became a viral meme after she said Cash [sic] me outside, how ’bout that?” while appearing on Dr. Phil.

Despite the fact that it’s now been seven years since her viral moment on Dr. Phil, Bhad Bhabie has maintained her relevance as she’s currently followed by over 16 million people on Instagram.

As for her life-changing appearance on Dr. Phil, Bergoli told Rolling Stone that it taught her not to judge other people.

“[It taught me] to not judge people,” she says. “Because I was nitpicked and judged and all this awful shit. I don’t look at people and say, ‘They look crazy.’ I look at them like, ‘I wonder why they look crazy.’”

When it comes to her future career plans, though, Bhabie sounds like she’s content just enjoying her newfound generational wealth.

“I’m not gonna give nobody a set time on things,” she says. “I might wake up one day and go into the studio and make a whole album. I might not do that for the next 10 years. I go about things how I feel.… That’s why I stay to myself so much. I’m trying to learn myself.”

You can go follow Bhad Bhabie over on her Instagram page.

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