It Sure Looks Like Bigfoot Was Spotted On This Traffic Camera In Washington

sasquatch crossing

iStockphoto / pabradyphoto

A Twitter account for the Washington State Department of Transportation is having a field day with Sasquatch jokes after capturing what appears to be a credible picture of Bigfoot himself.

Is this a 100% legitimate photograph of Bigfoot? Hell, no. There’s no chance. Obviously not. Actually, who the hell am I to know for sure? I wasn’t there. It’s not my camera. I guess there’s some conceivable possibility where this is Bigfoot but my colleague pointed out that ‘if Bigfoot was real we would have found a dead one by now.’

To that response, I dropped some Tim Allen logic on him. The Sasquatch/Bigfoot species could easily be covered by the Scott Calvin-Santa Clause™ where whoever happens upon the dead body of Bigfoot instantly becomes the next Bigfoot and the old body disappears into thin air just like what happened in Santa Claus. Anyway, let’s look at these pictures.

That’s pretty obviously a Sasquatch, isn’t it? Need some more convincing? Don’t worry, the Washington State Department of Transportation has more tweets to back up the Sasquatch sightings.

Sasquatch confirmed?

via NYPost:

Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti. Call it what you will, but most agree the furry, cold-weather giant is just folklore — unless you’re the Washington State Department of Transportation.
On Wednesday, the state agency shared images from their traffic cameras showing a snowy landscape alongside State Route 20 in Ferry County. Upon close inspection, the WSDOT points out, there appears to be a dark, bipedal figure in the distance.

Soon, even more of Washington’s government agencies joined in on the farce. The Twitter for WSDOT’s Southwest region tweeted a GIF of Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) of “The X-Files” saying, “I wan’t to believe.” Then Washington’s Secretary of State added some historical context to the legend. The creature is so tied with the region that Governor Dan Evans proclaimed “the Great Sasquatch” to be the official state monster in 1970. (via)

I’m down here in Southwest Florida at the moment. I couldn’t be further from Washington State if I was anywhere else in America. So it’s not all that likely that I’m hopping on a plane anytime soon to go investigate these sightings for myself. Instead, I’ll just choose to believe the local government.

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